Hello readers today we gonna start our journey with kubernetes and we gonna see how we can build pod on it.

Prerequisite: Kubernetes is configured on your machine and kubectl is also configured.

First we need to start kubernetes using this command

after this we need to check our server…

Hello Learners :)

Git Jenkins k8s webserver

Task Description

Perform second task on top of Kubernetes where we use Kubernetes resources like Pods, ReplicaSet, Deployment, PVC and Service.

1. Create container image that’s has Jenkins installed using dockerfile Or You can use the Jenkins Server on RHEL 8/7

2. When…

Hey guys today we are going to add Linux slave in the Jenkins.

for this first we require plugins for this setup please follow these steps for download plugins

#Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Available (search- ssh and download “ssh build Agent” and “ssh Agent”)

After download…


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