Add Linux slave node in the Jenkins

Hey guys today we are going to add Linux slave in the Jenkins.

for this first we require plugins for this setup please follow these steps for download plugins

#Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Available (search- ssh and download “ssh build Agent” and “ssh Agent”)

After download plugins restart Jenkins and follow the instructions

  1. first go to manage Jenkins

2. Choose manage nodes and clouds

3. Choose new node

4. give name of node and save

5. After done this you enter into configuration page setup slave according to given instruction

Note - using command “ifconfig” in RHEL8 you can find the IP address and give this IP in “Host”

In credentials click -> Add -> Jenkins and fill info. in the username and password section give the RHEL8 username or password. and click -> Add

Now you can see the the linux slave on the dashboard page of Jenkins which is newly created and when you create a new job then it will run on the new slave

Thank you for reading this article hope this article is helpful for you :)