How to launch first website on kubernetes

Hello readers today we gonna start our journey with kubernetes and we gonna see how we can build pod on it.

Prerequisite: Kubernetes is configured on your machine and kubectl is also configured.

First we need to start kubernetes using this command

after this we need to check our server is working or not using this command

So our server is Running and it’s ready for deployment. Next we need to write a code for building the pod

This Yaml file for launch or deploy the pods

apiVersion is mandatory for versioning the file, here image is pre-configured image in this image apache web server is already configured you can use other image for launching pod according to your need.

Now using create command we can build our pod

we can check this pod is running or not using

Now we launch our pod on the top of Kubernetes.

thank you for reading this article in the next article we gonna deploy our application like Wordpress, MySQL etc. stay tuned